It's been our experience that a lot of commercial software starts out good but ultimately gets bloated with too many features which can reduce performance, drive up costs, or become so confusing that you need a certification to be able to use the software in a meaningful way.  One of the benefits of listening to our customers is that it forces us to evaluate which features are really useful and to create a user experience that is natural and efficient. Built into NetApprentice is a full content-management system, SEO tools, and a site search engine.

If you would like a more robust website to run your business or organization, we have a list of modules that can be added any time you are ready for them. This way, your website can grow with your business:

If you are interested in selling products or services on your website, the Commerce module is full-featured catalog and shopping cart.

Build an online community with a customizable Contacts database and reporting system. This module manages the security and profiles of your community and is organized into households so you can capture information on each household member.

Host any number of blogs. Use in conjunction with the NetApprentice security layer and Subscriber module to house them behind a paywall.

Each blog contains a built-in RSS feed and a built-in mechanism for preventing spam bots without the use of annoying security codes.

Much more than just a website calendar, the Events module integrates with the Subscriber module to manage your event registration and payment on-line. Create custom fields to capture detailed registration information, and easily make printouts of your registrants for check-in.

Create on-line play lists for your music, webinars, and sermons. The audio player works across all devices and can be set up to allow for written transcripts, audio downloads, and podcasting.

Manage video content and build an on-line training catalog. We can integrate your video content with the Subscriber module to secure your video behind a paywall. We can also integrate your video content into our Commerce module so you can sell individual video courses. Used in conjunction with our Quiz module, you can create tests for your courses and issue certificates of completion.

Build robust tests and quizzes for members of your community and keep track of their responses. Assign rewards for a passing grade that either include points that can be used to purchase items in the Commerce module or a completion certificate that your student can print as proof that they successfully completed your course.

The banner module lets you drop advertisement banners into your website on any page you wish and will display either a single banner or a group of banners that are presented randomly or in a slide-show format.

It also has a reporting tool that tracks clicks and will associate those clicks with individual members if they are logged into the system. It will work with external ad engines if needed.

Create custom donation forms for your website and run reports on the donations collected through the ledger.

Create custom forms for your website and run reports on the submitted data. Talk to us about integrating your form submissions to an external application like a CRM system.

Organize and protect your digital documents. This module lets you create custom, searchable, and sortable fields to capture document information, and you control who has access to which set of documents as well as whether they can update the information in them. Digital documents stored in the warehouse are saved in an off-line directory for maximum security.

For your website community, you can drop a chatroom onto any page. You can use this as a forum for customer service or for your community to share information with one another. Posts and comments appear in real time, and people can insert emojis and upvote/downvote comments. Posts are searchable by the site search engine, and sorted by recency or popularity.