It's been our experience that a lot of commercial software starts out good but ultimately gets bloated with too many features which can reduce performance, drive up costs, or become so confusing that you need a certification to be able to use the software in a meaningful way.  One of the benefits of listening to our customers is that it forces us to evaluate which features are really useful and to create a user experience that is natural and efficient. 


We also price them in such a way that you only pay for the features that meet your needs.  Here is a list of our core applications.


$900 -- Add to Cart

This is our Content Management Sytem (CMS).  There are a lot of content management systems out there, but ours was built specifically for on-line communities such as charitable organizations, churches, homeowner's associations and the like.  You'll see a lot of unique features that will really help you manage your organization as well as your web content.  

Even though the content manager creates static web pages for quick load times and meaningful web links (especially for tools like Google Analytics), the content used to build these pages is stored in a searchable database. The content manager has a built-in search engine that takes advantage of this, and the searches span across all content modules like the blog module and events module so visitors can find their information quickly and easily.

The Right Tools

Also built into the base CMS are tools for managing images (cropping, resizing, renaming and information about where they are used), managing digital files and links, and security groups to cater content based on a user's login.  Display templates are created from simple HTML files that don't require programming knowledge to change or maintain.  Site styles are maintained through the CSS manager so you can have total control over every color, font, or display.  We also have many add-on features that you can purchase through our modules page to make NetApprentice fit your organization.


Our CMS creates physical files for each page that are quick-loading, easy for search engines to find, and easy to track in programs like Google Analytics. You also have full control over page titles, alt tags for images and links, meta keywords and descriptions and use of header tags. All of these things contribute heavily to getting your site noticed on the web.

$1,500 -- Add to Cart

This is our commercial application for building on-line stores.  Once again, there are a lot of shopping cart applications out there, but ours has several unique and valuable features.

Total Control

Many off-the-shelf "shopping cart" programs give you very few options when it comes to the display of your on-line catalog, and yet a customized on-line catalog can be astronomically expensive to build. We think that our template manager offers the perfect balance between customization and affordability. Through the use of display tags, you can completely customize every product or category of products in your catalog.

Speaking of control, there are also a number of tools to help you define how users can interact with your site. Things like user-specific categories and pricing,

on-line help system, discount manager, sophisticated search engine, and a powerful batch import utility that will quickly import, update or export hundreds of categories, products or user accounts. 

Information Is Power

What time of day are people visiting your site the most? Day of the week? Month of the year? How many visitors register for an account? What regions of the country are buying your products? These questions and more are available in our real time reporting tools. This information can be extremely valuable when trying to determine which marketing strategies are most effective or what markets to target for future ad campaigns.


Most on-line stores focus on getting the sale, but few store owners actually think about what it takes to fulfill an order once it is placed. Our e-commerce system works in conjunction with a Kansas City fulfillment company that can store your product and pick, pack, and ship your orders as they get placed on the web. This lets you focus on your products which are your passion anyway, right?


“I have tried several vendors for a CMS system and none of them compare to 3 Nerds. The integrity of the staff, the feature rich functionality of NetApprentice and the easy to use back end make them our only choice when designing a site.”

Chris Motley, owner
Motley Creations

“3 Nerds provides the vast majority of Kieva's programming services. Their years of experience and business structure make 3 Nerds and Kieva a perfect fit. Every challenge we throw at these guys is met with a solution that exceeds our expectations.”

Stacey Schmitz, owner
Kieva, Inc.